AI-LINK launched new generation of "Industrial Edge Brain"


Based on AI-LINK’s technology accumulation in industrial digitalization and powered by the latest Intel hardware and software--Xeon Scalable platforms, Intel Edge Controls for Industrial (ECI) and Intel Smart Edge for Builders software edge software--the industrial edge intelligent all-in-one box AL-C0300N5 can help industry users easily realize the application scenario innovation based on AIoT, and provide strong support for enterprise digital transformation and business transformation.  


Barcelona, February 27:  AI-LINK, is bringing a new generation of "industrial edge brain" products, based on Intel hardware and software --the industrial edge intelligent all-in-one box AL-C0300N5--to support private wireless networks and edge computing for industrial uses cases. Private Wireless Networks with 5G provide enterprises with a highly reliable, agile, and performant mobile network to reach better business outcomes. The increased spectrum availability for Private 5G has driven demand for 5G services in Industry 4.0, where smart manufacturing, logistics, energy saving, and utilities represent about 60% of the use cases for private 5G.



The AL-C0300N5 industrial edge intelligent all-in-one edge computing platform is designed for the next generation of industrial edge scenarios. It offers a 5G-in-a-box solution using 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable servers with Intel vRAN Boost,  and leverages Intel Smart Edge software for Cloud Native services edge deployment with 5G, Intel FlexRAN for the 5G RAN, Intel Edge Controls for Industrial (ECI) and Intel OpenVINO for computer vision and automation applications. The integration of Intel software and hardware products has brought diversified capabilities such as real-time, security, virtualization, and network connection support to the new generation of "industrial field brain".  


The AL-C0300N5 is built based on the cloud native standard, and supports the unified deployment and management of virtual machines and containers. Through the built-in virtualization engine, various industrial software, data aggregation platforms, and visual AI applications are embedded and pre-installed, which can be jointly deployed with the 5G private network, and provide modular expansion capabilities to support the integrated delivery of industrial sites.


The all-in-one box is preset with edge cloud, industrial application, 5G network, and network management—enabling rapid low-code deployment, out-of-the-box use, simplified operation and maintenance, and significantly reduced overall TCO.  


"It has been proven that the advantages of 5G private network and edge computing, such as flexibility, scalability, high reliability and low cost, help enterprises achieve better business optimization. The collaboration with Intel will accelerate AI-LINK ability to provide integrated cloud network solutions covering more industries, and bring more stable, faster and safer 5G edge cloud network services to industrial customers."said Ding Yingzhe, CEO of AI-LINK.


“Industry 4.0 use cases can benefit greatly from capabilities like computer Vision with AI, wireless control, and automation,” said Renu Navale, Vice President of the Network and Edge Group, Intel Corporation. “This collaboration with AI-LINK is a great example of how these capabilities can be used to provide private 5G on-premise edge solutions for Industry 4.0 that also deliver the Reliability and Quality of Service, control and customizability, and privacy and security that enterprises expect.”