IDC Latest Report: AI-LINK Awarded as 2023 "Typical Innovator" on Industrial Edge Intelligence


May 11, 2023, Beijing—— Last week, the global ICT market research and advisory services provider IDC released a much-anticipated report named "IDC Innovators: Industrial Edge Intelligent Terminals, 2023", in which the institution highlighted 5 typical innovators that have made outstanding achievements in the field of industrial edge intelligence. As an expert of 5G & edge intelligence, AI-LINK took a place with its technical capability and deep understanding of industrial Know-how.


According to the report, IDC analysts described AI-LINK as "a company providing fully independent 5G private network services and all-in-one edge industrial IoT application solutions for industrial companies with its self-developed lightweight industrial 5G core network and IOTelligence Cloud®."


"Compared with traditional P5G solutions from telcos, solutions from AI-LINK enable enterprises to take full control of the data and control planes based on production processes, with an entire set of 5G network sinking down into the production control network."


Compatible with 5G base stations made by different manufacturers while accessible for both 4G LTE/5G and Non-3GPP users (such as WiFi), AI-LINK lightweight industrial 5G core network is built on the 3GPP R15/R16 standard to meet users' demand of an advanced access with high-speed uplink, non-blocking concurrent connections, stability and low-latency. By use of virtualization technology, element functions of the 5G core can be decoupled from the underlying hardware resources and deployed on public cloud computing platforms, empowering industrial customers with a quick deployment of the service-oriented, customized and open 5G network at the enterprise level. In 2022, the system achieved the industry's first commercial-scale dispatch of more than 100 AGVs under 5G.


The 5G private network offered by AI-LINK can also be deployed and operated on its self-developed IOTelligence Cloud® Industrial Edge Intelligent Center. Recoginized as the industry's first and only cloud and network integration innovation system, IOTelligence Cloud® supports both cloud-based and wireless industrial control software on basis of the domestic "PKS" architecture. IOTelligence Cloud® integrates computing, storage, networking and management functions, supports the hybrid deployment of virtual machines and container clusters and also enables second-level fault recoveries and dynamic data migrations, which greatly improve the security and intelligence level on industrial sites, giving enterprises an approach to a large-scale and clustered implementation of industrial intelligent applications.


With rich practical experience in hand, AI-LINK has 5G & edge solutions based on four core principles: dedicated network native, cloud native, industry native, and intelligent native, which makes sure that the solutions we provided to more than 100 head companies are simple,stable ,secure ,and synergistic, covering verticals such as warehousing and logistics, 3C, building materials, high-end manufacturing, education, food, beverage, tobacco, energy, petrochemical, mining, etc. Walking ahead of the industry, AI-LINK has entered into an industrial 5G private network construction stage during which solutions can be replicated and applications being well promoted at scale.


The inclusion of AI-LINK on IDC Innovators List remains as an affirmation of AI-LINK's technological innovation and product differentiation by global authoritative third-party institutions. AI-LINK will continue giving full play to its innovation advantages and taking part in the application and integration of the new-generation information technology such as industrial 5G private network, cloud computing, artificial intelligence with traditional industries, delivering a smarter and stronger network connection experience to all industrial customers.