AI-LINK Debuts the World’s First Cloud Native Industrial 5G NR-U on 2023 MWC


AI-LINK continued a quest to diversify its private 5G portfolio, unveiling the world's first cloud native industrial 5G NR-U which it claimed would drive efficiencies for crucial-mission innovation and the upgrading of global industrial digital transformation as well.


Under a theme of "Cloud-Native 5G Enables Digital Manufacture", the modern industrial digital infrastructure service provider, AI-LINK, took the wraps on the first day of 2023 MWC, Barcelona, off its new-generation industrial private 5G network and edge products, full-scene application solutions and vertical achievements, showing visitors its business blueprint of enabling industrial OICT(OT, IT & CT) convergence with the leading network connectivity technology.



5G private networks have been expected to "drive unlimited innovation and market competition" from an early age. However, as time goes, enterprises soon realize that they are facing a huge gap at the practice level. Apart from the limitation of spectrum, high construction costs and complicated maintenance arising from the immaturity of the 5G ecosystem also add to their hesitation.


Taking all of this into consideration, AI-LINK developed the world's first cloud-native industrial 5G NR-U product featuring a license-free, industry-oriented, fast delivery and convenient O&M experience, lighting up a new path for private 5G network, especially in the industrial field. 


Just as Ding Yingzhe, CEO of AI-LINK, stated on 2023 Mobile World Congress, 'The in-depth innovation and combination between cloud native and NR-U technologies under industrial use cases will exert new opportunities to the digital transformation of vertical industries.' Mr Ding also tipped NR-U as a milestone for the whole mobile industry and a even wider ecosystem. 


The world's first cloud native industrial 5G NR-U developed by AI-LINK works over the N46 unlicensed band to provide customers with all the benefits of a industrial-grade private 5G network, like high-reliability, low latency, mass connectivity and spotless security, especially in complex and variable environments. It was designed to operate in three modes, 'lightning'(high speed), 'river'(low latency), and 'hybrid'(balanced performance), according to customers' demand.



Given the company's rich experience of digital transformation practice at the workshop level, as well as its full lifecycle network building service capabilities, from the initial construction to the post-sale maintenance, the cloud native industrial 5G NR-U is believed to deliver a convenient and reliable network connection experience, helping in the setup of a data-driven business model and crucial-mission transformations for enterprise users.


The product suite includes a lightweight industrial 5G core network, an integrated network management platform, 5G NR-U RAN and customized industrial 5G terminals with enhancement. Featured as an unlicensed tool, AI-LINK cloud Native Industrial 5G NR-U enables speeding network construction and its flexible use regardless of the critical resource constraint. With innovative designs, as represented by 5GC and NMS pooling deployed as river pool in the cloud and radio link with dual-connection at the local side, it secures critical service data communication from over the cloud to multiple terminals.


It is also designed to reduce security risks and enhance business resilience by introducing various security protection such as IPSEC, SIM black/white list of SIM cards, sim-terminal bi-directional binding, data classification and domained management to the system. Alongside an integrated management platform covering all sides of users helps enterprises turn reactive maintenance into active prevention by maintaining an early identification of potential risks and self-healing recovery when operation failures occur.