AI-LINK selected to the Tencent 5G Ecosystem Program 2021


AI-LINK Jul 15 2021


On the July 15th 2021, Tencent released partner list of it’s 5G Ecosystem Program, of which AI-LINK has successfully been selected as part of the program.



Tencent announced the launch of the 5G Ecosystem Program to promote the industrialization of 5G much more better. Relying on the technologies and capabilities of Tencent’s internal departments such as AI Lab, Robotics X, Multimedia Lab, Future Network Lab, Youtu Lab, also based on the rich multimedia content and solutions for multiple scenarios, the 5G Ecosystem Program of Tencent aims to accelerate 5G empowering industry development and to create a sustainable 5G industry ecosystem progressively by cooperating with operators, terminal equipment vendors, network equipment manufacturers and other partners.



Tencent's 2021 5G ecological plan was launched in April this year and attracted more than 500 companies to sign up. After technical evaluation, application testing and joint review and other selection processes, AI-LINK was finally selected.  


As a selected partner of Tencent’s 5G Ecosystem Partner Program, AI-LINK has deployed 5G private network solutions in Tencent’s 5G application test center, including light-weight 5GC and local 5G RAN products. In the follow-up plan , those products and solutions will be jointly tested with 5G terminals from multiple suppliers, and with be tested with those industrial application from others selected partners of Tencent’s program, will finally to provide integrated solutions that can be delivered in multiple scenarios. Furthermore, AI-LINK' 5G private network products will be integrated into Tencent's smart campus solution, and then be deployed at Tencent's new headquarter in Shenzhen, China.



In the future, AI-LINK will continue to promote the industrial intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises, inject new momentum into the digital transformation of industrial enterprises, and help the development of digital economy globally.