GSMA 5G Spark: AI-LINK Drives Industrial 4.0 through 5G + Edge AI


On May 31th, the advanced private salon "5G Spark" jointly organized by Nokia Growth Fund, Nokia China, Yimei Captial and GSMA was held at Indigo Hotel Hongqiao Shanghai.


Markus BORCHERT, General Manager of Shanghai Nokia Bell & President of Nokia Greater China; Yuanjun Deng, Managing Partner of Nokia Growth Fund; Pasi HELLMAN, Consul General of Finland in Shanghai; Deloitte China 5G Application Research Institute Dean Xinchun Hu and AI-LINK CMO Dr. Lee Rong were invited to discuss the 5G empowerment of the digital transformation of IIoT.


Focusing on the topic of "New Opportunities for IIoT under the Digital Intelligence", Dr. Lee Rong started from three aspects of "network, platform, and scenario" to analyze the network, business, equipment, scenario, and operation driven by 5G edge intelligence in the whole process of intelligent manufacturing. Particularly, the AI-LINK’s solution of "5G network-based, edge platform as a core, and use case centric" is introduced in details.


"AI-LINK has been deeply involved in the IIoT field since the beginning." Dr. Lee Rong said, "In terms of network, AI-LINK provides a new generation of industrial wireless solutions using e2e local 5G products to create a flexible and reliable localized network, greatly improving the last-mile connection capability for different verticals towards Industry 4.0;


For platforms, AI-LINK has integrated the 5G network and edge cloud to form a 5G edge cloud network integrated product. This product realizes the “zero modification” of the entire industrial field business through the characteristic LEGO-based architecture;


On the other hand,through the three general scenario-based solutions of 5G+Edge AMR,5G+Edge industrial computer vision,5G+Edge industrial automation,the whole business process of the factory from production to quality inspection and to warehousing is opened up. " Based on deepen knowledge gaining in private 5G edge cloud, AI-LINK will deeply integrate the Lego-based platforms,pragmatically supporting industrial APPs with multi-cloud collaborations.


Finally, Dr. Lee Rong said, “AI-LINK has gained a lot of infield experiences in OICT from its deployment in more than five provinces in China,and global business has now expanded to Japan,Germany and the U.S.


During the event, Dr. Rong had in-depth discussion with GSMA, Nokia Growth Fund,Yimei Capital, Deloitte Consulting, and other technology companies on how to further pushing the 5G+Edge ecosystem in the future together.