AI-LINK Becomes the First 5G Wireless Data Collection Service Provider Listed in SAP Store


AI-LINK August 19 2022


From cutting-edge technology leadership to broad scenario implementation, to collaborative innovation with global software giant SAP, AI-LINK has been making breakthroughs and achieving leaps and bounds since its establishment two years ago.



Beijing — August 22, 2022 — AI-LINK, the leading provider of new digital infrastructure services for industrial sites, announces that its Local 5G Data Integration Solution is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. Users can easily try, purchase and deploy the solution from SAP® Store. This makes AI-LINK the first local 5G wireless data collection service provider listed in SAP Store, which is another exciting manifestation since it was selected as the first batch of SAP.iO Smart Manufacturing Accelerator in 2021. 



Traditional industrial manufacturing generally facing data connectivity problems, insufficient intelligence, high operation and maintenance costs. Executives hope to introduce digital technology to further reduce costs, at the same time improve quality and efficiency to achieve lean management in support of smart manufacturing and sustainable development.


The Local 5G Data Integration Solution jointly developed by AI-LINK and SAP utilizes Local 5G combined with industrial vision AI on the production field to get uninterrupted full process monitoring of the production line, obtains data via docking to the customer-side MES, and then sends it to SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) through OData interface to achieve on-site data analysis based on SAC platform, improving lean production management as a whole.


The innovative features of 5G private network allow the solution to be implemented without or with less wiring and little impact on production operations, to save costs and build full process sense ability of the production line in a short time. By interfacing with SAC cloud-based analysis tools, users can grasp the real-time operation status of the production line and benefit from higher productivity, safer and more stable production, as well as full transparency on processing to minimize risks through traceability. The Local 5G Data Integration Solution also helps users continuously improve processes and achieve a better level of lean production management. The solution is especially applicable to manufacturers in the assembly building industry, and of reference value for process/discrete manufacturing companies in other industries with mold flow system.



"AI-LINK 5G Edge Computing enables enterprise users to quickly realize network transformation and data transmission. AI vision technology replaces manual labor to reduce workload. The intelligent cockpit based on SAP Analytics Cloud helps users to know the situation of the production line in real-time", says Li Qiao, head of SAP.iO Shanghai Foundry, "The solution is incubated by SAP.iO Foundry Shanghai. Users now may visit SAP Store and search for AI-LINK for a quick trial and purchase."


After the launch, AI-LINK will combine its leading 5G underlying data collection technology and rich experience in industrial scenarios with SAP's advantages in model innovation, operation, service and ecosystem to provide SAP's over 440,000 customers worldwide with an amazing 5G data collection experience from China. 



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