Next generation 5G + Edge based AMR!



AI-LINK Oct 28 2021


On 2021 October the 26th, Zero 360, a 5G+Edge based AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) jointly developed by AI-LINK and Standard-Robots, debuted at the largest intralogistics fair in Asia, the annual Shanghai CeMAT expo.



Different from traditional AMR approaches, the next generation AMR Zero 360 inventively utilizes end-to-end private 5G and Edge Computing solutions from AI-LINK to “uplift” the full-stack processing capabilities of a AMR to a private cloud for holistic processing.



The advanced AMR Zero 360 is equipped with two 3D Lidars and 8 HD cameras to achieve 360° real-time data collection in a working environment; with the help of AI-LINK’s industrial private 5G network (including 5G RAN and lightweight 5GC), the Lidar and camera data from the AMR body can be stably “uplift” to the edge cloud platform as provided by AI-LINK for processing.



AI-LINK has optimized its 5G+Edge platform for the Zero 360 AMR, allowing reliable and fast close loop communication between the AMR body and the edge cloud platform. This enables more powerful computing resources on the edge cloud platform to be pooled and utilized for aggregated 3D Lidar and visual data from multiple AMRs to be holistically processed in real time, and correspondingly optimizes navigation & tasking performing by AMRs in an environment.


Overall, AI-LINK is committed to promoting the implementation of 5G and edge computing technologies in smart warehousing and smart manufacturing. In the future, AI-LINK will continue to strengthen its cooperation with relevant industrial partners and explore more innovative approaches to serve the digital upgrade of the these verticals.