AI-LINK joins the Edge Computing Consortium (ECC)


Recently, as announced during the Edge Computing Industry Summit 2020, AI-LINK was successfully elected as a new member of Edge Computing Consortium (ECC).


The IoT age is coming and the digital transformation of various industries are blooming. Verticals such as manufacturing, energy, public utilities, transportation, health, agriculture and other industries are undergoing tremendous changes. The driving force of digital transformation comes from the development of advanced ICT technologies represented by 5G, SDN, Internet of Things, and AI. Under this opportunity, edge computing has become a key factor to the realization of Industry 4.0.


In the future, in various industries and daily life, a large number of devices will be connected to the digital network. Cloud computing will become the digital brain of the Internet of all things, the network will be the nerve of the interconnection of all things, and the terminals will be the touching points reaching final physical things.


A relative report from the authoritative consulting firm Gartner shows that with the continuous development of digital services, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed in locations other than traditional centralized data centers or the cloud. With the rapid development of 5G + IIoT and AI combined today, the in-depth development of edge computing to various industries is now accelerating, and it will lead to explosive development during the decade.


AI-LINK focuses on customized 5G intelligent private industry network services, providing end-to-end customized 5G network and edge intelligent application products and solutions, and has several dozens of invention patents. Depends on actual business customer needs, AI-LINK provides one-stop scenario-based solutions. Based on AI-LINK's self-developed core technologies and deeply linking industrial resources, AI-LINK introduces new models to promote business customers, especially those in the harsh industrial sector, to connect machines and practice safe and stable 5G and AIoT technology. Also AI-LINK introduces a new edge service model for enterprises and cloud computing to provide end-to-end real-time, collaborative intelligence, reliability, and dynamic reset capabilities, so that AI-LINK can lower the barriers for customers to use 5G and edge computing technologies, and provide a 5G experience with high performance, high reliability, and the best value for money. 


At present, AI-LINK has provided many top industry customer with 5G intelligent solutions based on scenario applications, covering building materials, coal mines, 3C, automobile manufacturing, electric power and many other industries. AI-LINK has dozens of industrial chain partners in hardware components, algorithms, vertical applications, and industry field solutions.


AI-LINK aims to establishing standards and provide in-depth collaboration capabilities, and work with industry partners to build a complete 5G intelligent cloud network service business ecological platform.


Together with the Edge Computing Consortium (ECC), AI-LINK will jointly promote the open collaboration of the OT and ICT industries, incubate and practice industry applications, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the edge computing industry, and deepen the digital transformation of the Economic.