MWC Shanghai 2021: AI-LINK Network drives IIoT innovation with 5G + Edge


On February 25th, the 2021 Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC-S) ended successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. "Integrating OT+ICT and helping the last mile connection in the industry 4.0" is one of the key contents of AI-LINK's exhibition, which attracted the attention of many exhibiting customers.


1.Wonderful Appearances

As a firm practitioner of OICT (OT+ICT) integration, and based on the in-depth accumulation of 5G and cloud computing technologies, AI-LINK deeply integrates edge cloud and network technology with industrial use cases to build an intelligent 5G edge cloud solutions helping vertical customers to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional processes, and to support vertical customers to improve quality, reduce costs, increase efficiency and safe production.



2.New products release

More specifically, AI-LINK exhibited under the theme of "integrating OICT and improving the last-mile data transmission and analysis using 5G+Edge", introducing its“LEGO-based”5G+Edge PaaS platform at its expo booth, which aims to guarantee "Zero Logic Modification" for different existing industrial applications.


Further, with valuable partners within its ecosystem, customized and integrated industrial solutions can be provided. This includes but not limited to 5G+industrial vision, 5G+AGV/AMR, and 5G+PLC, which reflects AI-LINK’s network optimization capabilities for video streams, especially for uplink high throughput scenarios, as well as the network management control capability in unmanned scenarios.


3.Forum keynote speech

Last but not the least, during MWC-S 2021 at a session named “5G IoT and Private Networks for Industry 4.0” as organized by GSMA ( Along with speakers such as Thomas Noren (Head of Ericsson Dedicated Networks), Li Li (VP of H3C), Aruna Srinivasan (Executive Director, IoT GSMA), Dr. Lee Rong (CMO of AI-LINK) was invited to give a keynote speech "In Industry 4.0, how 5G+Edge Cloud Empowers Industrial IoT ". In the speech, Dr. Rong explained the importance of 5G+ edge cloud in relation to the industrial internet industry, and introduced the products and future development path of AI-LINK respectively. In particular, the PaaS platform that AI-LINK empowers intelligent manufacturing and provides e2e cloud-network collaboration is introduced in detail.



Dr. Lee Rong said that 5G+ edge computing bears important functions such as effectively reducing network transmission burden, processing real-time services, and supporting decision-making optimization, greatly expanding the scope and ability of industrial Internet platforms to collect and manage data. Relying on its rich industrial experience and innovative technology, AI-LINK will continue to create more innovative products and solutions for customers towards the digitalization path.


The 2021 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) Shanghai Exhibition has successfully concluded, but the exploration and innovation of AI-LINK still continues. In the future, AI-LINK will adapt to market changes and iteratively upgrade its 5G+Edge service offerings, and continue to the Industry 4.0 fulfillment!